Thursday, 20 June 2013

Equis & Silks

Ive just finished my latest personal project Equis &Silks , check it out on my projects page on , I spent a day at Sandowne Racecourse in the Jockeys area shooting each jockey just after he had finished his race , it was a great day and the banter between them all was great , they are a really hardy bunch and tough as nails , I then went down to Fergul Obriens stables for a very early start and shot some of his racehorses . Using a large amount of lighting which was great fun to build #fb

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Early start

Myself and Tom headed down to Fergul Obriens stables in the West Country , our plan to shoot Ferguls Race Horses. We had a great morning down there and il be showing the results in the next few days ,was a really good shoot . The horses were on the whole brilliantly behaved , and the only issues we had was with the sound of the flash . The actual flash itself is too quick for the horse to see which was a great relief !

I havent blogged for sometime ,its been a really busy time with a studio move a long trip to the States a family birth and all the humdrum of life going on , but now Im back in blogging business, this is'nt a shot of me looking thoughtfully out onto the streets of New York but a shot I did for a client out there , , shot on the quite brilliant Fuji X pro1. Ive just started to shoot on this camera and have been startled by the results , il be posting some more about it in the coming days , in low light its brilliant at picking up shadow detail , its incredibly sharp and is really great fun to use #fb