Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Man Of Good Hope

A Man Of Good Hope

Ive Just shot the cover for Jonny Steinbergs A man of Good Hope , a terrific book , many thanks to Ahmed for all his help with this .
Here is my original shot that was cropped for the cover . FB


Allex Stellja Shoot

I went over to the St Pancras Hotel apartments to shoot Australian model Allex Stellja , Id been thinking about shooting with this cyan and green pallet for a while and when I saw the bathroom I thought brilliant , thats going to work really well here , so we gelled up some of the source lighting and then I used some colour tempreture tells to mix it up and this was the result . FB 
We then set up a slightly different feel in the bedroom , I more filmic feel . FB

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Buriers - Dim Half Light (Official Video)

Myself and Leo Williams spent a great evening shooting this Video for Buriers last month , it was shot in singer  James P Honeys flat with friends and band members supplying the cast , we decided to shoot it with just 2 extremely long shots and drift round the room taking in different scenes , It was an interesting challenge sorting unseen multiple lighting set ups in such a small environment whilst trying to get some movement throughout the film as well and timing it all to work within the 1 shot . It got pretty warm in there … FB

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Irvine Welsh -The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins….
Irvine's book is just out and I shot the cover , its really nice when you get feed back from the author and Irvine really liked this one …..fb

From: Irvine Welsh ]
Sent: 08 August 2013 19:43
To: Robertson
Subject: Re: cover
It rocks. It has the darkness, pain and sweat, but the brightness of Miami. Probably the best yet - at least right up there with Skagboys.

On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 1:41 PM, Robertson, Robin <RRobertson@randomhouse.co.uk> wrote:
I'm really glad you like it: it was a long day, but we got there in the end...    R.

From: Irvine Welsh []
Sent: 08 August 2013 19:37
To: Robertson
Subject: Re: cover
I love it! The colours are fucking amazing! Perfect!