Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What Lies Beneath...

So we headed off to Iceland to shoot a fashion story for Harrods and Mens Health , with the great stylist Eric Down , the idea was to shoot in one of the natural Ice caves under the Vatnajukall Glacier , we arrived on the friday afternoon to do a recce  and climbed up the glacier only to find that the Ice cave was melting , our guide advised us to shoot the whole story there and then , as the cave probably wouldn't be enterable the next day , we could see a steady river building up and flowing through the cave , so we decided to go in and shoot as much as we could , So we loaded a dingy with gear and set off in it on a river under a glacier into an Icecave …. 

It felt brilliant , a real journey into the unknown , 

And as we got further in it opened up into a magical ice world , so we landed the boat which we would later use in the shoot and got to setting up the first shot , clamp
ing lights into the sides of Icerock ,and we shot our first shots 

It was an extremely challenging environment to shoot in with the ice constantly dripping and also chunks falling down into the cave , we manage dot shoot 3 spreads before it became to dark to work in , was a pretty spooky place once it was dark , but It was a good job we shot then as when we returned the next morning we couldn't get into it , it had filled with water , so we ended up shooting the rest of the story on the top of the Glacier , to see the the whole shoot go to my site and into the fashion section . Thanks to all that worked on this especially Tom Griffiths @TomG_Photos for his superb assisting .#fb