Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wired, Boiler Room

The folk at Wired always love discovering people doing something new and different with technology, so they were hot on the trail of London's first online nightclub, Boiler Room. Founder Blaise Belville first started streaming his live DJ sets in 2010, when he set up a webcam in his Dalston studio. The enterprise grew and now sees him playing to thousands of people via the internet. 

The shoot team met at Corsica Studios, a nightclub in Brixton. We had no natural light, so I set up ten Profoto flash heads to light this scene, as we wanted the crowd to have some specific pocket shading. We had the crowd dancing and generally going a bit crazy, you can see some of them really got into it!

You can see this in the August '15 issue of Wired.