Thursday, 20 October 2016

Awards Season

Its been a good week for Awards ,  I managed to pick up 4 Honourable mentions in this Years IPA International Photography Awards in Advertising , Fine Art Portrait, and 2 in Traditions and Culture . The Fine Art work was for my Wolmer Gardens Project , an emotive set of portraits set against the background of a broken family home. The Advertising work was for a Finlandia Vodka campaign I shot over in Finland in the Summer, we had rain machines , mist machines, boats and wetsuits to produce this image , it was a great shoot to do . Then to the Traditions and Culture work , both of these stories I shot in Mexico while on Honeymoon , my wife is incredibly understanding !One on the backstreet cockfighting tradition which was gritty and pretty unpleasent but a big cultural event in this part of Mexico. The other event was the Charro or Charreada ,it came from Spain in the 16th century , Its a female Rodeo event , the meeting of 3 villages riding against each other . The female riders still ride sidesaddle and perform a precision event called escaramuza. Women on horseback were used as decoys during the Mexican revolution,riding off to raise clouds of dust so the federales would think an attack was coming from a certain direction . 
Fine Art Portrait- Wolmer Gardens


Traditions and Culture -Charro

Traditions and Culture-La Pelea

I was also really pleased to be a finalist at this Years AOP awards in the best Advertising image of the year with my Finlandia campaign again .