Monday, 4 November 2013

Road trip shoot for Audi

This was the start of our road trip shooting portraits for Audi , me Dan Ross  who was assisting and Peter Adams our journalist set off for our first location Glencoe where we were shooting Ian McConnell , a local mountain rescuer , the storm clouds gathered as we got to our location and the rains and winds whipped up a storm ... Soaked to the bone we carried on and headed south , 5 hours later we arrived in Yorkshire .... Up early to our next shot , wind and rain again , it was at this point I began to regret using the Bron Sattelight .. It's like a sail in the wind ! Shooting a racehorse vet and car in a shot was a lot to think about at !then we were off again to RAF Scampton the home of the Dambusters Squadronand now to the Red Arrows , here we were shooting a portrait of  one of Engineers , it was brilliant to have a look at the planes up close , everyone was really helpful . 
It's looking like were off again on Wednesday !