Monday, 4 November 2013

Road trip shoot for Audi

This was the start of our road trip shooting portraits for Audi , me Dan Ross  who was assisting and Peter Adams our journalist set off for our first location Glencoe where we were shooting Ian McConnell , a local mountain rescuer , the storm clouds gathered as we got to our location and the rains and winds whipped up a storm ... Soaked to the bone we carried on and headed south , 5 hours later we arrived in Yorkshire .... Up early to our next shot , wind and rain again , it was at this point I began to regret using the Bron Sattelight .. It's like a sail in the wind ! Shooting a racehorse vet and car in a shot was a lot to think about at !then we were off again to RAF Scampton the home of the Dambusters Squadronand now to the Red Arrows , here we were shooting a portrait of  one of Engineers , it was brilliant to have a look at the planes up close , everyone was really helpful . 
It's looking like were off again on Wednesday ! 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Monte Carlo RWD Tour
 Ive Just come back from a 4 day shoot travelling from Epsom to Monte Carlo with the RWD Tour Team , I must be one of the few people to have travelled all the way from the UK to Monaco backwards ... It was a fun shoot shooting mostly car to car , with a 300mm and a 24 to 70mm , gorgeous cars and sumptuous food stops at great hotels . My personal highlights were being at the top of Mt Vantoux for sunrise and also being able to shoot this very rare jaguar Ctype , one of only around 50 left . This was a great trip and thanks so much to my assistant Tom Griffiths who worked seriously hard to keep everything in order ...

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Equis & Silks

Ive just finished my latest personal project Equis &Silks , check it out on my projects page on , I spent a day at Sandowne Racecourse in the Jockeys area shooting each jockey just after he had finished his race , it was a great day and the banter between them all was great , they are a really hardy bunch and tough as nails , I then went down to Fergul Obriens stables for a very early start and shot some of his racehorses . Using a large amount of lighting which was great fun to build #fb

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Early start

Myself and Tom headed down to Fergul Obriens stables in the West Country , our plan to shoot Ferguls Race Horses. We had a great morning down there and il be showing the results in the next few days ,was a really good shoot . The horses were on the whole brilliantly behaved , and the only issues we had was with the sound of the flash . The actual flash itself is too quick for the horse to see which was a great relief !

I havent blogged for sometime ,its been a really busy time with a studio move a long trip to the States a family birth and all the humdrum of life going on , but now Im back in blogging business, this is'nt a shot of me looking thoughtfully out onto the streets of New York but a shot I did for a client out there , , shot on the quite brilliant Fuji X pro1. Ive just started to shoot on this camera and have been startled by the results , il be posting some more about it in the coming days , in low light its brilliant at picking up shadow detail , its incredibly sharp and is really great fun to use #fb

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mac surgery

Major surgery on the mac today , upping Ram and going solid state so the New Blad will fire seamlessly. Job done !

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Campaign Preview shot in NYC

Here are a couple of shots from a Campaign Ive just shot in the US , no naming yet , We shot in locations all round NewYork State , a great team , and produced brilliantly by the one and only  Molly Nee , It was a great shoot to do , and the main concerns were stitching in our HMI,s to peoples power supplies , so the constant growl of Generators was to be heard all day by the merry folk of Long Island . We also had an epic day shooting at an old factory out in Brooklyn , The biggest challenge was blocking the relentless sun from our set .

Friday, 8 February 2013

OMO goes up at Chi & Partners

Today we moved the OMO show to the lobby at Chi & Partners, where it will remain for the next month. Looking really great on the walls here, thanks to their excellent hanging system. You might be able to peek through the window at the show. Heres a couple of pictures of us hanging the show...

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Vivienne Westwood
My candid portrait of Vivienne Westwood has proved to be a really popular shot so I thought Id give a little information on it ,Its a ltd edition print , It was shot as I said earlier candidly at the Connaught Ballroom in London , Westwood was judging an Agent Provocateur competition to find its new face , my sister Lily was in the competition so I was down there supporting her , I shot this with a long lens as Vivienne was in discussion with her son the then owner Joe Corey , her face moved into the light and then her eye came straight ar me it was the perfect storm for the shot and worked really well for the shot , with the depth of field giving ajust a nice amount of detail on her son , the black on the other side of her face in the shot is actually the back of Jules Holland if I remember correctly . anyway theres a little info on a favourite shot of mine .

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Washington DC show
Great News , My shot of an Embera Shamen performing a protection ritual is to be used in .....
The exhibition is Ceramica de los Ancestors: Central America’s Past Revealed.  This is an exhibition highlighting Central American ceramics within our collection, bringing to light new insights on Central America’s past, including culture, life ways, values systems, and arts.  The ceramics, combined with current archaeological research, will help tell the stories of these cultures.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Cheese Beards

After a good night in the pub I came up with the idea of shooting a set of portraits of men with Cheese Beards .. the 2 words together made me laugh so It was a must do shoot , I got in touch with the brilliant Kyle Bean and we collaborated to make the said beards, Brie, Gorgonzola and the magnificent Red Leicester .. then quick casting and here we are ... Cheese Beards .

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

OMO valley up at wieden + kennedy

Today me and my assistant Tom, put up the OMO show at Wieden Kennedy in Shoreditch. The show will be there for the next month and is touring agencies this year. Here are a few snaps of the show in situe at the agency plus a couple of the images from the series.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Mark Webber for GP International

Here are a couple of pictures I shot recently for GP International magazine. Complete with a few behind the scenes pictures.