Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Vivienne Westwood
My candid portrait of Vivienne Westwood has proved to be a really popular shot so I thought Id give a little information on it ,Its a ltd edition print , It was shot as I said earlier candidly at the Connaught Ballroom in London , Westwood was judging an Agent Provocateur competition to find its new face , my sister Lily was in the competition so I was down there supporting her , I shot this with a long lens as Vivienne was in discussion with her son the then owner Joe Corey , her face moved into the light and then her eye came straight ar me it was the perfect storm for the shot and worked really well for the shot , with the depth of field giving ajust a nice amount of detail on her son , the black on the other side of her face in the shot is actually the back of Jules Holland if I remember correctly . anyway theres a little info on a favourite shot of mine .


  1. so much captured in that shot Sam love the tone, the grain, the depth and one of my fav icons too. X

  2. Thanks thats cool , shot on 35mm film , Tri X , yes shes one of my favourites too !