Wednesday, 3 December 2014

James Hunts F1 World Championship Car

I was lucky enough to go down to Mclaren headquarters and shoot the legendary James Hunts iconic World championship winning car amongst others , a great peice of history made even more famous by the Movie Rush centred around Hunt and Laudas battle to win the 76 F1 title , Eventually Hunt won it after Laudas terrible accident had made him miss part of the season and culminating in Hunt racing this machine round the Mount Fuji circuit in such bad conditions Lauda refused to race . Amazing stuff ... Amazing car ...#fb

Monday, 24 November 2014

Buriers new Release

I The  Buriers new release is out and I shot the artwork , they wanted a little of there past in the shot so we went down to there hometown of Maidenhead ,we drove round there old haunts and into town and we soon found our spot . I liked the graphic shape of the Graves War commission Building so I decided to use that as our background . #fb

Thursday, 16 October 2014

ASICS Jamille Samuel

We went over to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam to shoot the Dutch Sprinter Jamille Samuel for Asics , It was a great day and good fun trying some different Lighting techniques out , although getting all the lighting to the right part of the track was a serious slog .

In the Evening Leo and myself caught up with a bit of Dickensian Ping Pong ....

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

CMC financial campaign

Just noticing that a campaign I shot for a finacial client are beginning to pop up . #fb

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


We had a good day down at the London Scottish Rugby teams ground to shoot the new Canterbury Rugby Boots Campaign , 

 It made a nice change to shoot some still life too of the Boots themselves . 
Check out my site for the rest of the campaign .FB

Friday, 5 September 2014


Nice to see one of my portraits of the great Norwegian author up and out in posters all over London , he was an extremely interesting subject , chain smoking throughout our shoot , he was extremely quiet and laid back but once we started to shoot there was a real intensity that came about him , these shots are to form a series of covers for his series of controversial autobiographical books now out … fb

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Kontinent Awards 2014

The Kontinent Awards 2014

I was very pleased to receive an honourable mention placing in this years Kontinent Awards for my portrait of Runolflur Hauksson taken on the southern shores of Iceland earlier in the year , there were some great entries this year and some great judges as you can see below , and and Im chuffed to get in there with this . Thanks to Tom Griffiths for his excellent work in assisting me with this shoot .fb

 JUDGES The Kontinent Awards 2014
Kathleen SORIANO / Director of Exhibitions, ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS
Loranza BRAVETTA / Head of Continental Europe, MAGNUM PHOTOS
Lizabeth RONK / Photo Editor, LIFE.COM - TIME
Rob DAWSON / Editor in Charge - Global Picture Desk, REUTERS
Alessandro Botteri BALLI / Founder, ARTE F GALLERY
Jerome Huffer / Picture Desk Head Manager, PARIS MATCH

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Man Of Good Hope

A Man Of Good Hope

Ive Just shot the cover for Jonny Steinbergs A man of Good Hope , a terrific book , many thanks to Ahmed for all his help with this .
Here is my original shot that was cropped for the cover . FB


Allex Stellja Shoot

I went over to the St Pancras Hotel apartments to shoot Australian model Allex Stellja , Id been thinking about shooting with this cyan and green pallet for a while and when I saw the bathroom I thought brilliant , thats going to work really well here , so we gelled up some of the source lighting and then I used some colour tempreture tells to mix it up and this was the result . FB 
We then set up a slightly different feel in the bedroom , I more filmic feel . FB

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Buriers - Dim Half Light (Official Video)

Myself and Leo Williams spent a great evening shooting this Video for Buriers last month , it was shot in singer  James P Honeys flat with friends and band members supplying the cast , we decided to shoot it with just 2 extremely long shots and drift round the room taking in different scenes , It was an interesting challenge sorting unseen multiple lighting set ups in such a small environment whilst trying to get some movement throughout the film as well and timing it all to work within the 1 shot . It got pretty warm in there … FB

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Irvine Welsh -The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins….
Irvine's book is just out and I shot the cover , its really nice when you get feed back from the author and Irvine really liked this one …..fb

From: Irvine Welsh ]
Sent: 08 August 2013 19:43
To: Robertson
Subject: Re: cover
It rocks. It has the darkness, pain and sweat, but the brightness of Miami. Probably the best yet - at least right up there with Skagboys.

On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 1:41 PM, Robertson, Robin <> wrote:
I'm really glad you like it: it was a long day, but we got there in the end...    R.

From: Irvine Welsh []
Sent: 08 August 2013 19:37
To: Robertson
Subject: Re: cover
I love it! The colours are fucking amazing! Perfect!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What Lies Beneath...

So we headed off to Iceland to shoot a fashion story for Harrods and Mens Health , with the great stylist Eric Down , the idea was to shoot in one of the natural Ice caves under the Vatnajukall Glacier , we arrived on the friday afternoon to do a recce  and climbed up the glacier only to find that the Ice cave was melting , our guide advised us to shoot the whole story there and then , as the cave probably wouldn't be enterable the next day , we could see a steady river building up and flowing through the cave , so we decided to go in and shoot as much as we could , So we loaded a dingy with gear and set off in it on a river under a glacier into an Icecave …. 

It felt brilliant , a real journey into the unknown , 

And as we got further in it opened up into a magical ice world , so we landed the boat which we would later use in the shoot and got to setting up the first shot , clamp
ing lights into the sides of Icerock ,and we shot our first shots 

It was an extremely challenging environment to shoot in with the ice constantly dripping and also chunks falling down into the cave , we manage dot shoot 3 spreads before it became to dark to work in , was a pretty spooky place once it was dark , but It was a good job we shot then as when we returned the next morning we couldn't get into it , it had filled with water , so we ended up shooting the rest of the story on the top of the Glacier , to see the the whole shoot go to my site and into the fashion section . Thanks to all that worked on this especially Tom Griffiths @TomG_Photos for his superb assisting .#fb

Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday, 10 February 2014

Rain lashed night shooting Icebergs…

We have recently been shooting a job out in Iceland which I will be blogging about in the next couple of weeks when the shoot is out , as always on these trips I wanted to try to shoot a little personal work if time allows , so myself and Tom and our intrepid guide Ronnie set off one stormy night to one of the black beaches on the Southern tip of Iceland ,the plan was to try to light an Iceberg at night on the beach or preferably in the sea… it didn't work out to be as doable as I hoped! … when we arrived at the beach the night was pitch black and we had sheets of horizontal rain lashing straight into our faces , but we endeavoured to try to get a picture , Tom and I started off down to the sea shore through clumps of ice navigating with a head torch but none looked right, they were to small  ,we eventually found one that looked ok so we set up the camera and we then set about lighting it , within seconds the light had blown , it was just too wet,the rain was torrential and the wind was lashing it straight into the lens  , Tom had the Pro 7 light out and immediately the head started strobing madly , , that was it , the light was done for….. 

It was at this point I decided on a different approach , I got Ronnie to drive as near as he could to the water without getting stuck and shine the headlights out to sea illuminating some of the bigger Icebergs , Tom held a poncho over us to try to stop the rain covering the lens , keeping the Hassleblad dry and the lens clean was the hardest thing to achieve in these conditions , it really was a bloody thilthy night , we then shot these shots ,using 25 second exposures , the sea was pretty wild and moving the bergs around, we became so focused on the exposures we both failed to notice a wave coming up the beach and straight into our legs and tripod ,camera was hoisted straight up into the air out of the water ,They were a real pain to capture but I really like these shots , they capture something different from the usual shots of the Icebergs, to me they have feel slightly ethereal, and the process of getting them was extremely exhilarating ..

Friday, 7 February 2014

Things crop up

Things crop up in the most unexpected places , I was in a bar in Tuffnell Park last night , after a couple of pints imagine my suprise whilst in the loo ,  staring at me was one of my shots plastered to the wall , this was one of the characters I had shot for Misha Glennys brilliant look at Eastern Europes organised crime underworld . It reminded me how much I like seeing exhibitions in unusual places ... Food for thought #fb....

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Still life from Iraq Hospital

Here is a small series of environmental still life I shot in a hospital in Northern Iraq , a baby's crib sits empty in a corridor , an emergency trolley left in the doorway of an operating theatre and a lead covered chair ,I think  there is a strong feeling of isolation in these pictures , this was a fully functioning hospital as you can see if you go to my site to see the project on Iraq . but these have a very different feel . #fb

Friday, 3 January 2014

Audi Quattro

A Good Start to the New Year with this cover feature for Audi , many thanks to Tom Griffiths and Dan Ross for all there hard work motoring up and down the country with a car packed with rain soaked gear ,we shot moantain rescuers,Olympians,Horses,Michelin Chefs amongst others , some great stories .  @fb