Monday, 5 January 2015

South Sheilds

I was recently up in Newcastle visiting Kates family , I was really interested to see the old Ship yards and to see if I could get a shot there , so we headed out on  the Metro out to South Shields and walked along the docks
it soon became apparent that things have changed , after a quick visit to a pub it was confirmed , they are no longer there , its now all new Housing developments some good some not by the sound of things , Its such a shame that industries like this that define areas and people should be allowed to die like this ,

We ended up walking the other way and came across another old institution that has died away and been left to ruin , The Tynemouth outdoor swimming pool .In its day it must have been incredible in the summer , lets hope that the regeneration of the area can get places like this up and going again for the communities .

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