Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ferrari Shoot

This week I was commissioned to shoot for Ferrari magazine, a Conde Nast publication all about the world's favourite super-car brand. Shot in a private mews in Kensington, we were joined on set by an f12 Berlinetta Ferrari and supermodel Jodie Kidd, a winning combination for a killer shoot. Also on set was Nick Mason, who as well as being Pink Floyd's drummer is also a total car fanatic. Alongside the photo-shoot Nick was interviewing Jodie about their mutual love for cars and racing, getting some great anecdotes about her time racing in Italy among other stories.

The major challenge on this shoot was the weather - we got a MASSIVE dose of Britain's finest rain! The downpour was relentless and showed no signs of easing up, so we set about waterproofing the lighting and computer kit and keeping everything and everyone dry. Jodie was great and the picture of elegance, despite the addition of a large umbrella.

One benefit of the rain was the beautiful pattern of droplets this created across the windscreen of the Ferrari. My Hasselblad camera and lenses reacted really well to the light reflecting off the raindrops and caused some great bokeh in the final shots.

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